Welcome to the SYNTH TOURS section. We’ll be getting an inside look at some of the best synthesizer factories and shops in the world. Whether you’re looking for something new or that rare vintage gem, these are the places to check out!

MOOG Factory Tour (Asheville, NC)

I was lucky enough to do the MOOG Factory tour when we were visiting Asheville, North Carolina. I was blown away by their showroom and seeing the workers in action. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL TOUR

Switched ON (Austin, TX)

In the heart of Austin, Texas lies an amazing little synth shop that is filled to the brim with vintage keyboards, modulars and music makers. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL TOUR

JAM (Stockholm, Sweden)

JAM is a small shop filled with some big items. From an extensive collection of older gear to new modulars and synths, JAM always has some killer equipment in their showroom. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL TOUR

Three Wave Music (Hawthorne, NJ)

Sam, the owner of Three Wave, is a synthmaster. His collection and knowledge of synthesizers is topnotch. Whether you’re looking to repair your vintage gear or shopping for that mint condition Prophet 5, this is the shop for you. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL TOUR